Optimizing the website for more sales

Pete Callaghan

Jan 11, 2024

Pete Callaghan

Jan 11, 2024

I need to optimize better.

In the last 30 days, the ReleaseLoop signup form has had 12 visitors.

Here's the breakdown:

- 439 website visits
- 12 sign-up form clicks
- 5 of those became paid customers

That equates to just 1.14% of overall traffic turning into a customer, signaling that the RL website might not be doing a good enough job showcasing what it offers.

Those who know what ReleaseLoop is, likely from my posting here, 41% go on to be a paid customer. Which is awesome.

BUT ReleaseLoop can't depend on me posting on LinkedIn to grow the business.

This means I'll need to do better on the website and clearly explain what I offer.

I will spend some time adjusting the copywriting, testimonials, and the number of signup buttons and reporting back in a month.