Here's how I'm going to 50x ReleaseLoop search traffic

Pete Callaghan

Feb 2, 2024

Pete Callaghan

Feb 2, 2024

The gurus would sell this to you for $100s. Have my ideas for free. Just make sure you implement them. 

Yesterday, I said I need to 50x my marketing. Here's how I'll do it. 

This map is the current status of ReleaseLoop's SEO marketing. Aka content. 

Yellow: Top of the funnel 

Green: Middle of the funnel 

Purple: Bottom of the funnel 

Goal: Build search traffic and slowly introduce them to ReleaseLoop by moving them down the funnel with different bits of content. 

Top of the funnel: 

This is to build awareness. 

I aim to cover longtail keyword searches and get them ranking on Google. 

For example, 'How do I keep my record label organized' is the long tail search. 

These longtails are typically much easier to rank but will have lower searches. But the more longtail questions I answer and rank on Google, the more traffic to ReleaseLoop. 

These longtail articles link to each other, but mainly to the middle of the funnel content. 

Middle of the funnel: 

This is to build interest. 

This is content that goes a little deeper. For example, an article about how to keep your artists' data organized. 

ReleaseLoop has an Artist CRM. In that article, I will talk about data organization, show screenshots of ReleaseLoop, and how ReleaseLoop can help them. 

This article will link to the ReleaseLoop Artist CRM feature page. Also, remember, the article 'How do I keep my record label organized' will also link to this article. 

What I'm doing is moving people down the funnel. I build awareness (top of the funnel) and get their interest (middle of the funnel). If I educate them enough, they'll get familiar with ReleaseLoop's brand and sign up for a trial. 

Bottom of the funnel: 

The retention and buying zone.  

This content is your feature pages, testimonials, how-to guides, and deep dives into how the product can help someone. It is the place that gets people to convert into customers and loyal fans. 

I need more of this, but overall awareness is more critical right now. 

My core feature pages are Release Management, Artist CRM, and Task Management. These are the pages that I'm internally linking to. 

The overall goal is to push people from the top right to the bottom of the funnel. 

You can do this same strategy with any brand. 

Let me know in the comments if this is useful.