Boost Your Music: Pro Tips on How to Get Playlisted on Spotify

Pete Callaghan

Feb 26, 2024


Pete Callaghan

Feb 26, 2024


Boost Your Music: Pro Tips on How to Get Playlisted on Spotify
Boost Your Music: Pro Tips on How to Get Playlisted on Spotify

Getting your music featured on a Spotify playlist can feel like hitting the jackpot in the streaming world. It's a surefire way to boost your streams, expand your audience, and elevate your music career. But with millions of tracks vying for those coveted spots, how do you make your tunes stand out?

The different types of Spotify playlists

Understanding the various playlist types is crucial when aiming to boost your artists' presence on Spotify. Each playlist type offers unique advantages and targets different listening habits. Let's jump into the specifics.

Your Own Playlists

Creating your own playlists gives you complete control over the song selection, letting you showcase your artists' music alongside popular tracks from other artists. It's a fantastic way to engage with fans directly, offering them curated listening experiences that reflect your label's brand. Remember, consistency is critical. Regular updates and sharing across social media can help attract more followers to your playlists.

  • Tips for Success:

  • Blend well-known tracks with your artists' songs to attract a wider audience.

  • Use appealing and descriptive titles for your playlists.

  • Share your playlists and your artists' profiles on social media.

Other People's Playlists

Getting featured on playlists created by other users can significantly increase your artists' streams. These playlists often have dedicated followers, making them an excellent way for your music to be discovered by new listeners. Building relationships with playlist curators and engaging with their content can open doors for your artists.

  • Strategies for Placement:

  • Identify playlists that fit your artists' genres and styles.

  • Reach out to the curators with personalized messages, explaining why your music is a good fit.

  • Offer to promote the playlist to your audience as a gesture of goodwill.

Algorithmic Playlists

Spotify's algorithmic playlists, like Discover Weekly and Release Radar, are personalized for each listener based on their habits. Being featured on these can expose your music to highly engaged listeners inclined towards similar genres. Improving your Spotify SEO (through metadata, tags, and descriptions) and encouraging your fans to follow your artists and save their songs can increase your chances of getting picked up by the algorithm.

  • Key Factors Influencing Algorithmic Playlists:

  • User engagement (plays, saves, shares)

  • Metadata accuracy

  • Regular release schedules

Editorial Playlists

Spotify's in-house team curates editorial playlists and can drastically increase visibility and streams. Landing a spot on one requires a combination of high-quality music, strategic pitching, and a bit of luck. Ensure your pitch to Spotify's editorial team is concise, highlighting what makes your music stand out. Use Spotify for Artists to submit tracks for consideration before their release dates.

  • Effective Pitching Tips:

  • Highlight any compelling story or unique element about your music.

  • Provide details about upcoming promotional efforts.

  • Keep track of submission deadlines and follow up respectfully.

Understanding the nuances of each playlist type can empower you to develop a more strategic approach to promoting your artists on Spotify. By diversifying your efforts across these playlist categories, you'll maximize the chances of your music reaching current fans and potential new listeners. Remember, persistence and consistency in your approach can eventually lead to playlist placements that propel your artists' careers forward.

How to get on each Spotify playlist

Making the Most of Your Own Playlists

You've got more power than you might think when promoting your artists through Spotify. Creating and curating your playlists is a fantastic way to control the narrative around your music. Start by blending your artists' tracks with other songs that fit the vibe you're aiming for. This doesn't just show your taste; it positions your artists amidst the music they relate to or aspire to be like.

Remember, consistency is critical. Regularly updating your playlists keeps them fresh and gives your audience a reason to return. And don't forget to promote your playlists on social media to reach a broader audience. Encourage your artists to share these playlists on their platforms, creating a network effect that can significantly increase your reach.

Getting on Other People's Playlists

Networking can't be overlooked when aiming to get your artists' music on other users' playlists. Start by identifying playlists that match your artists' genres and styles. Reach out to these curators with a personalized message, sharing why your artist's track would be a great addition to their playlist. Be genuine, and avoid making your message feel like a generic pitch.

Partnering with influencers who have a significant following can also be beneficial. Consider offering an exclusive premiere or a unique angle on your artist's story that can pique their interest.

Algorithmic Playlists

Spotify's algorithmic playlists, like Discover Weekly and Release Radar, are powered by user listening habits. You need to boost user engagement to increase the chances of your artists being featured. Encourage your artists to drive their fans to Spotify to follow them, save their tracks, and add them to personal playlists. The more engagement a track gets, the more likely Spotify's algorithms recognize it.

Metadata also plays a crucial role. Ensure all your tracks have accurate and detailed metadata. This includes the basics like song title and artist name, mood, genre, and other descriptive tags. These details help Spotify's algorithm understand where your music fits best.

Getting on a Spotify Editorial Playlist

Landing a spot on one of Spotify's editorial playlists can significantly enhance your visibility on the platform. Spotify's editorial team is always scouting for new music, but you can also actively pitch your tracks through the Spotify for Artists dashboard. When pitching, make it count. Highlight what makes your artist unique and why their song perfectly fits the playlist you're targeting.

It's crucial to pitch your music well in advance of its release date. This gives Spotify's team ample time to review your track. Also, continue to focus on boosting your online presence. High-quality music videos, active social media profiles, and press coverage can all make your pitch more compelling.

By understanding the nuances of each type of Spotify playlist and tailoring your approach accordingly, you can significantly increase the chances of hearing your artists' music from a broader audience. Keep experimenting with different strategies and track what works best for your artists. With persistence and creativity, you'll find the right formula to enhance your presence on Spotify.


Leveraging Spotify's playlists is a dynamic way to elevate your music career. By crafting unique playlists, engaging with your audience, and promoting your tunes on social media, you're laying down the groundwork for success. Networking with influencers and focusing on your online presence can open doors to getting featured on user-created and Spotify editorial playlists. Remember, persistence and creativity in your approach will set you apart. Try these strategies and watch your music soar to new heights on Spotify.

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